What is Jailbreak?

Jailbreak is a role-playing game with two teams, the CTs (guards) and the Ts (prisoners). CTs appoint one random lead guard at the start of the round. The lead guard gives orders to the Ts that they can either follow or disobey and rebel. The Ts can either comply with the lead guard’s orders or take a risk and rebel against the CTs. CTs control the prison, ensuring the Ts follow the lead guard’s orders and don’t get guns to rebel with. If the Ts rebel successfully and kill all the CTs, the round ends.

The goal of the lead guard is to get the prisoners to a state of the game called LR, or Last Request. The lead guard does this by playing games with the Ts designed to slowly (or quickly, depending on the lead guard) kill the ts until only two remain. 

What are the rules of Jailbreak?

Look in the menu at the top of the page, dummy

What’s the server IP?

Click this link: steam://connect/jb.hellsgamers.com:27015/

I was free killed. What should I do?

Report the free kill to an admin by using the !report command. Alternatively, you can also PM an admin on Discord or in TeamSpeak with proof of the free kill. Recordings are the gold standard way of proving someone broke the rules.

I was tlisted/banned/permagagged/permamuted. What should I do?

Go here and reply to your ban.

Why are GFL and HG sharing a server?

We’ve started a joint partnership to enhance each other’s communities. We realized that we both have the same goals, and we wanted to make something special that both communities can enjoy. GFL had shuttered their Jailbreak server, and we really wanted to relaunch ours. It worked out pretty well.

Where should I go if I have any other questions?

Join our Discord server and ask your question in the #helpdesk channel!