Jailbreak Bible

Since the beginning of time, nitpickers, order Nazis, and people with no common sense have taken jailbreak way too seriously. Constantly fighting over rules, spreading lies and slanders, and even going so far as to make their own fake rules.

In this Book of Jailbreak, you will find commonly disputed rules that are not in the basic rules. We’ll update this holy book on a regular basis as needed.

This list of rules is not the “Know All” of jailbreak. This is a rule list aimed at the *General* days of jailbreak. Any order that may be unclear, or a heat of the moment situation, is subject to the discretion of that specific day in the server and does not set any precedent. The goal of jailbreak is to have fun, not have a master list of 5000 rules to sort through for any given situation. Jailbreak is most fun when some things are not taken as seriously. Try to have fun.


  • Do not promote the firing of the lead, spamming, toxicity, or free killing.
  • Do not intentionally try to get CT’s punished by admins by any means.
  • Do not change your name to anything that would hinder the lead’s orders due to nitpicking. These names are, but not limited to: “All T’s”, “CT’s”
  • “AFK Freeze”, “Be Frozen”, “Freeze” are all defined the same. No movement, of any kind via keyboard or mouse. (This excludes a small amount of movement from the mouse, see the following rule)
  • Do not play sound clips that have racism, that the server uses (like the lead guard is dead sound), while other people are playing HLDJ sounds, and that has ear rape.
  • Do not be an order nazi, or nitpick orders.
  • Use common sense.
  • Don’t be that guy and nitpick rules just for its own sake. If you don’t agree with a rule or want something discussed, bring it up in the Discord. 


  • A warden must have a microphone, and cannot lead by any other means.
  • There is no preferential treatment on this server for Ts. This means no one T, or group of Ts, can be given LR for specific reasons. (Ex. “If you have a gun and drop it right now, you will be given LR”).
  • Ts cannot be chosen at random to lead their respective team in a Warden’s order. This means for days such as “Pokemon” days, the “Pokemon Master” must-win that title via competition.
  • Orders should not be rushed or only given once for the sake of reaching LR. The goal is to have *clear orders* heard by all the Ts, so if a repeat of the orders is requested or necessary, the lead should repeat orders.
  • No Jumping, crouching, and walking orders take effect wherever the order was given, to wherever the order takes the T’s. For example, “All Ts, walk to the big cage.” This means all Ts from where they are, must walk to the big cage and do not have to continue walking for following orders.
  • Ts cannot be forced to remain crouched or continuously jump, for extended periods of time. For a day such as “Panda Freeday”, the Ts must remain crouched while moving but can release crouch if they are standing still.
  • Any day consisting of an outside force that could cause Ts to die must be noted by the Lead Guard. For example: If Ts are participating in a lava day, and a bomb pushes Ts to the floor, the lead cannot shoot those Ts.
  • Any day consisting of the word “tarps”, such as Simon Says or “when I say go” must occur after the cells have opened with Ts outside of their cells, and cannot be used concurrently such as “Simon Says when I say go”.
  • Any day consisting of surprise rewards (death, LR, etc) must have the prize typed in CT chat prior to having a winner make his selection of keeping/passing the prize.
  • Any day consisting of admin fun commands (such as pirate days), must have all Ts present. If there are any rebelling Ts, the day must not occur so that their day is not ruined.
  • Any day consisting of the opinions of Ts (opinionated day, opinionated trivia, etc) must give the Ts the option of participating as well as ample time to give their opinion before decisive action is taken against them. (So although they choose to participate, they must have the chance to give their opinion as well).
  • Any day consisting of Last Reaction/First Reaction must be clear. There should be no orders such as the following: “Last reaction first reaction jump” or any variation.
  • The Lead Guard, or “Warden”, must not be viewing Ts during days where his order could be changed to favor one T or another. For example: During “Cheese and Crackers”, the Lead Guard must not view the Ts while swapping between Cheese and Crackers to prevent favoring a T’s life over another.
  • During location orders, “the next closest” refers to the first occurrence after the present. So if you are at the first archway of the blue room, the “closest” archway would be the first archway and the “next closest” refers to the second archway.
  • The Lead Guard cannot force Ts to get close to anywhere that kills players, such as inside of the E-Chair room, near the AK/M4 buttons, or towards the hurdles lasers while they’re moving
  • Any orders related to facing a certain area must have a clear and marked destination on the map to be valid. For example, a Lead cannot ask prisoners to face “Obs victory pool”
  • Lava Days should generally have a specific start point, and destination so that there is no confusion as to what “lava” is exactly.

Guard Specific:

  • Baiting is defined as a CT being close enough to a T, or group of Ts, that they feel obligated to attack you because you are so close.
  • Free Shooting is defined as a CT shooting a non-rebelling T who is following orders.
  • Gunplanting in any capacity is not allowed, regardless of the ammo inside of the gun or what means you took to give the T a gun.
  • Free killing is defined as killing a T who is not rebelling and following orders. This extends past the round time, just because the round ends does not mean it is okay.
    Guards should not open the cells unless instructed to by the warden.
  • Guards should not interfere with button related games such as wipeout unless instructed to by the warden. Then and only then, should that specific guard handle the buttons, any interference from other guards at that point is not allowed.
  • Guards should help the lead guard execute days. They should not be actively disobeying lead or free-roaming and doing whatever they choose
  • Guards shouldn’t be actively trapping ts or hindering the day in any way. Guards should be participating in the days at all times
  • Guards can’t camp on the map before Last Guard is initiated
  • Last guard cannot kill trapped T’s unless trapped with them. A “Trapped T” is defined as a T that is stuck behind a map entity that cannot be moved by that T. For example, Knife Arena doors can only be opened from the outside, so if the doors are closed they are considered trapped.

Last Request:

  • Ts have priority over CTs to play music
  • Ts who successfully start a Custom LR have priority over everyone in the server to play music, including the other T who earned LR
  • Ts set the rules of an LR. If they break those rules they are considered a rebel and can be killed. If a CT cheats in an LR they will be slain
  • CTs must not delay LR
  • Custom LR:
    • The T who initiated the custom LR can do whatever they choose with any CTs who participate in it
    • That T has priority over everyone in the server to play music, including the other T who earned LR
    • Cts may choose to rebel against the T in custom LR if they so choose. This is because the T reserves the ability to use !endcustomlr. This does not mean they can kill Ts that aren’t red


  • Rep can be bought and sold from other players. Rep can also be traded between players for other goods or services
  • HG is not responsible for reimbursing players for any purchase, sale, or trade between two players. Ex.) if someone trades a Steam game with someone else and doesn’t get the rep payment from that person
  • You are responsible for paying someone when you cut a deal with them. This includes gambling on the roulette wheel, making a trade, or paying someone money for rep. 
  • Do not scam people.